Globally, levels of air pollution have increased, it promotes awareness among people. Policies and investments supporting affordable and sustainable access to clean energy, cleaner transport, and power generation. The government of India is trying to condense one of the main contributors to air and noise pollution i.e. vehicles. Nowadays difficulties are faced by electrical vehicles due to a lack of charging infrastructure. Recognizing consumer’s demand and better fuel economy and reduced emission, we are providing PHEV kits to people to convert their fuel-driven vehicles into Plug-in hybrid vehicles. With the help of the PHEV kit, people can drive their daily traveling distance on electricity.”

Focus Areas

Our main aim is to provide Plug-in hybrid kits to the customers to convert their vehicle into PHEV. This will enable them to travel on Electric mode as well as fuel mode. We are providing the retrofitting of motor and controllers.
In addition, when they require going on an outing they can switch back to their fuel engine for extended travelling. We believe that the retro fitment of Commercial vehicles should be done by considering long distances and heavy load carrying capacity.


  1. What is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)?
    Ans) PHEV is like a regular hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) but with a larger battery pack and a plug so the batteries can be charged from standard household current. Thus the vehicle is dual-fuel: your driving can be powered by either electricity, gasoline, or both. The Chevy Volt and Ford C-MAX Energy are examples of a plug-in hybrid vehicle.
  2. Why can’t PHEVs have a higher electric range?
    Ans) PHEV kit’s range is decided for the daily commute only. For the long drive, you can switch back to engine mode because refueling fuel is time savvy and is available in abundant for long drives.

Ravindra Joshi –Founder

Studied Mechanical Engineering at Pune. I have a deep interest in engineering, design thinking and business management. I help in creating conducive environment among people who are working with me. I raise the importance of work in their life. I let myself as well as others to focus on working systematically at a certain pace. I had many difficulties in the past, which forms the stepping-stones towards a wider segment of knowledge. Along with experiences, some business school courses helped me for developing a mindset for dealing with situations in life.